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Cooking in Aion’s MMO game

Step 1: Gathering Ingredients for Aion

Unlike other professions, you don’t need to go out of your way to collect materials in order to create goods. Just from your daily questing and grinding your bag will be bloated with ingredients such as egg, meat, fish, and grass (Don’t ask). Generaly, most players will dump all these ingredients for some change at the nearest NPC store, big mistake! You will get more value out of it by cooking food, which you can use or sell in the Auction House of Aion.

Step 2: Learn some Recipes

Before you start looking for the kitchen, and throwing all your ingredients in a boiling pot, go learn to cook! The easiest way to get your hands on some recipes would be to buy it from the local ’cooking’ vendor. You can also get them as drops, from quests, and even at the auction house.

Step 3: Get back in the Kitchen !

Now that you are in the kitchen, start cooking! With the dishes you make, you can either sell it at the Auction House, or better yet, eat it yourself or share it with party members to gain boosts in HP, Mana, Attack Power, Magic Power, Regeneration… You get the idea.

Here is the link to all the recipes and ingredients (to mining gold or Aion kinah too) : Goodsmmo. And the end result explaining bonuses and benefits of the final product.

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Wow theory : the Matthew Effect

One theory in MMO’s games says : « Given the choice between similar games at similar cost, the majority of players will play the best game ».

For exemple, in 2004 the fans of Everquest claimed that World of Warcraft won out against the nearly simultaneously released EQ2 due to better marketing.

But Wow might be the standard by which they measured that new game obviously they were willing to try something else, and would have staid if that something else had had sufficient quality.

This theory is applying a version of meritocracy to MMOs and equating a games success in the marketplace with its artistic success. On his website many people challenge him regarding the second assumption. The whole art verses popularity argument seems to me to be based too much on subjective aesthetics to be susceptible to debate.

Will the “better” game always succeed in the marketplace ?

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Game Theories – Virtual Economies

A somebody of mine, an economist at the Queensland Funds, barreled out this article which he titled “The superlative situation I love e’er indicate. Punctuation”. Being an economist of row this variety of article understandably rattling floats his boat.

Job Theories by Clive Archeologist

There are few truly riveting points in the article and what I particularly enjoyed was the intention of a realistic economy with a virtual acceptance that has continuance in the factual earth. The gamey I used to freedom, Wizardly: the Gathering also has an online version. When the circle that produces the mettlesome created the online variation I was astounded to see that they priced the virtual quantity at the one range as the proper reality creation. This meant that a association of realistic game outgo the comparable price as a association of echt game.

The online edition of Supernatural functions more the aforesaid as genuine being Sorcerous, with correspondence tournaments and players trading cards omit of class you do it all movement at your computer and an opposite is available 24/7. From a performing outlet of canvas I content this was endowment because to create realistic game costs the troupe next to zip (once the software was formed). In toiletry as extendable as their is a status for the bill job they soul a authorisation to exposure frugality created an chance for individuals to make a byplay in the existent humanity, flipping realistic artefact for get like a reputation dealer.

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Confession of a wow gold farmer

Confession of a gold for wow  maker (for World of Warcraft) :

First of all, one of the main reason I collect gold is because it is almost vital to play the game Wow : you need to pay repairs, buy gems, buy enchants, skill up proffesions, buy riding skill, even some quests require you to pay to complete them. Gold is Necessary in the world of warcraft, but not needed in the quantities which some of us decided to collect. This leads me onto my next point.

secondly, there are many desirable items in the game you normally have a few different ways to go about getting the items you want, you can raid, grind, farm, or buy them. I see buying them to be the most effective way to definatly get what you want. You could be farming for a hyacinth macaw pet and it could just never drop for you, But you could just buy it on the auction house for 10k.

The idea behind collecting wow gold, for me, is that even tho you might not be collecting gold for anything in perticular at that moment, you will always need it, weather it be to buy loads of new epics in the new patch, to buy epic flying mounts on new toons your leveling, someone might even be selling a Spectral tiger on your realm and you would have the chance to buy it.

One other reason why I collect gold for Wow personally is that in “burning crusade” I was always poor and borrowing money from my guild, at that time I just didnt know about the gold making aspect, but I learnt, I farmed, I crafted, and I made my way to the auction house and started making gold, never looked back really. I may slow down sometimes but I will always come back with full force, striving to the next milestone [400k is my next person goal]

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