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Confession of a wow gold farmer

Confession of a gold for wow  maker (for World of Warcraft) :

First of all, one of the main reason I collect gold is because it is almost vital to play the game Wow : you need to pay repairs, buy gems, buy enchants, skill up proffesions, buy riding skill, even some quests require you to pay to complete them. Gold is Necessary in the world of warcraft, but not needed in the quantities which some of us decided to collect. This leads me onto my next point.

secondly, there are many desirable items in the game you normally have a few different ways to go about getting the items you want, you can raid, grind, farm, or buy them. I see buying them to be the most effective way to definatly get what you want. You could be farming for a hyacinth macaw pet and it could just never drop for you, But you could just buy it on the auction house for 10k.

The idea behind collecting wow gold, for me, is that even tho you might not be collecting gold for anything in perticular at that moment, you will always need it, weather it be to buy loads of new epics in the new patch, to buy epic flying mounts on new toons your leveling, someone might even be selling a Spectral tiger on your realm and you would have the chance to buy it.

One other reason why I collect gold for Wow personally is that in “burning crusade” I was always poor and borrowing money from my guild, at that time I just didnt know about the gold making aspect, but I learnt, I farmed, I crafted, and I made my way to the auction house and started making gold, never looked back really. I may slow down sometimes but I will always come back with full force, striving to the next milestone [400k is my next person goal]

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