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Cooking in Aion’s MMO game

Step 1: Gathering Ingredients for Aion

Unlike other professions, you don’t need to go out of your way to collect materials in order to create goods. Just from your daily questing and grinding your bag will be bloated with ingredients such as egg, meat, fish, and grass (Don’t ask). Generaly, most players will dump all these ingredients for some change at the nearest NPC store, big mistake! You will get more value out of it by cooking food, which you can use or sell in the Auction House of Aion.

Step 2: Learn some Recipes

Before you start looking for the kitchen, and throwing all your ingredients in a boiling pot, go learn to cook! The easiest way to get your hands on some recipes would be to buy it from the local ’cooking’ vendor. You can also get them as drops, from quests, and even at the auction house.

Step 3: Get back in the Kitchen !

Now that you are in the kitchen, start cooking! With the dishes you make, you can either sell it at the Auction House, or better yet, eat it yourself or share it with party members to gain boosts in HP, Mana, Attack Power, Magic Power, Regeneration… You get the idea.

Here is the link to all the recipes and ingredients (to mining gold or Aion kinah too) : Goodsmmo. And the end result explaining bonuses and benefits of the final product.

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