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Decorating Trends for 2013

Last January I wrote about 2012 apartment decorating trends, so I thought it would be fun to examine what I accomplished last year in my home and where trends are heading in 2013.

2012 focused on bold colors, gender-neutral decorating, unique light fixtures and revamping old pieces.  When I shared, I had incorporated three of the four trends, but still hadn’t conquered lighting.  While it’s still a work in progress, I did manage to find a unique tall paper floor lamp that adds an interesting element to my living room.

Some trends I am seeing everywhere for 2013 are brass, the color emerald green, graphic patterns and wall decals.  Ok, admittedly wall decals are a little 2012, but are still on the scene and I don’t think they’re going anywhere this year.  Brass is not really my style, but I could see it being very easy to incorporate into an apartment, as this vintage-y hardware can be found in door handles, lamps and cabinet fixtures.

Since my kitchen is the next room that needs some sprucing up, I’d love to try out the emerald green trend.  I think it’s a perfect room to splash in this gorgeous and bright hue, and will go great with the black and white checkered floor.  I’m thinking a simple print for the wall, a new plant and some dish towels will be inexpensive and easy.

What I’m most excited about are graphic prints.  I need to be mindful, because I could easily see myself going overboard here.  I’ve already hung these bold print curtains from IKEA in my living room that really liven up the place !

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